New! nimbus® project designer

April 2020

Free and online tool for the complete design of an external lightning protection system, all the tools you need for facility drawing, risk assessment, optimisation of lightning rod placement and generation of technical documentation integrated into a single piece of software.

What is nimbus project designer?

The nimbus® project designer is a free online tool which allows users to create the complete design of a lightning protection system, from analyzing the risks in accordance with the current regulations, to automatically calculating the optimal number and location of nimbus® lightning rods.

The software provides a valuable document detailing the data and calculations for the specification of the project, facilitating the preparation of quotes.


  • Importing drawings and plans, the tool supports PDF, PNG, JPG formats...
  • Draw your system easily
  • Risk analysis assistant: It facilitates risk calculation, provide protection measures and applies the level of protection
  • Complete lightning protection design: The location of the lightning rod can be set manually or automatically
  • nimbus® optimiser: Provides a compromise between precision, speed and total cost
  • Bill of materials: In the application one can interact with the user interface to show global/individuals lists of materials


  • Free access for any number of projects
  • Web application
  • Multilingual platform: English, spanish and french
  • Effective project management and monitoring
  • Step-by-step guided system with contextual help
  • Calculations in accordance with current regulations: NF C 17-102:2011, UNE 21186:2018 and CTE SU08
  • Wide portfolio of accessories and materials
  • Online - always up to date

Resolve your projects rapidly and intuitively

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