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May 2014

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Over 80% of the installed public lighting panels and more than 500.000 outdoor LED luminaires are insufficiently protected!

The best protection for LED lighting by the surge protection specialist

Cirprotec is a pioneer in the design and manufacture of lightning and surge protection devices. For over 20 years Cirprotec has been providing high quality solutions and products using the latest most innovative technology.

Cirprotec offers a wide range of solutions for all types of outdoor lighting equipment and installations, inside the pole or inside the panel.



Why protect

LED technology embraces the concept of efficiency, combining considerable energy saving and much greater life expectancy than traditional lighting sources. This technology, however, has a number of drawbacks:

- Its implementation requires a major investment, which in the case of destruction of the equipment would have to be repeated.

Extreme sensitivity to overvoltages, whether caused by lightning or by switching on the grid. The very nature of public lighting installations, with its long cable runs, increased their exposure to overvoltage effects induced by lightning.

For these reasons, the use of protective systems against surges is a very profitable investment, both in terms of the lifetime of the luminaire and in savings in replacementcosts and maintenance.

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OEM Solutions  (manufacturer)

Extend the life of your LED luminaires and avoid potential claims and damage to your image

Surge protection adds value to the manufacturer of LED lighting,providing an extra guarantee to the end user in terms ofreliability and durability.

Cirprotec, a company specialising in surge protection, provides the manufacturer with a complete solution in this field: a wide range of surge protector devices, technical advice, built-to-order products, testing of luminaires, etc.


The major manufacturers of outdoor LED luminaires are already protected by Cirprotec                                                                  

The NS range, the ad-hoc solution for the manufacturer of lighting

Compact and easy to install in any luminaire

CPT has designed a compact solution which fits any luminaire. Surge protection for LED luminaires IS VERY SIMPLE TO INSTALL. Cables, terminals, etc.. ... can be tailored for each manufacturer.


Solutions for all types of electrical grids

The range of surge protectors for LED luminaires is suitable for all network configurations and all voltages (including IT systems).CPT has solutions for class I and class II luminaires.



Your luminaire, surge resistant, tested and certified

At Cirprotec we guarantee both the protection of the LED luminaire and the correct design of the luminaire and surge protection combination. For manufacturers working on large scale projects, CPT provides tests and certifies the luminaires in terms of resistance to surges in accordance with the standards, through an ENAC accredited laboratory.


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Retrofit solutions. Upgrading the protection of the installed base of luminaires


ACurrently over 80% of lighting panels are inadequately protected. 

Recent studies suggest that over 80% of existing public lighting panels include no surge protection. For the remaining 20%, the protection in the panel is insufficient to effectively protect the luminaire assembly connected to the panel, because surges can also be induced along the long cable runs.

The optimal and most effective system of protection is the staggered or cascade type. First, an initial protection stage should be installed in the lighting panel (with the installation of a sturdy protector with a high discharge capacity of 40 kA, and protection against power frequency overvoltages POP a.k.a TOV temporary overvoltages) and a second stage as close as possible to the luminaire (fine protection to complement the first stage).


It is estimated that there is an installed base of over 500,000 insufficiently protected outdoor LED lights in Europe. 

Upgrading the installed base of LED luminaires with surge protection is a very profitable investment, both in terms of reduced maintenance costs, and of the protection of expensive investments.

Cirprotec offers a wide range of solutions for efficient protection of outdoor LED lighting installations.


Good protection

  • reduces maintenance cost
  • ensures continuity of service
  • extends the life of the lights
  • ensures ROI on LED technology


Product solutions

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