Nimbus® better than the standard

Nimbus® is the next generation of Cirprotec’s ESE Early Streamer Emission lightning air terminals.


This new range is an evolution of the renowned and extremely reliable “Nimbus CPT” range of lightning rods, which do securely protect over 30.000 installations throughout the world.

Nimbus® new revolutionary Early Streamer Emission air terminals are a perfect combination of fundamental research and testing. 

These terminals exceed the (new)  NF C 17-102 version 2011 of the standard when it comes to robustness and they have nevertheless been optimised in size and weight.

Nimbus® features and benefits

• Beyond the standards: tested with lightning current of 190 kA (10/350 µs)

• Top qualit y: AISI 316 stainless steel and unmeltable components

• Tested by duly cer tified and approved, independent labs

• Bureau Veritas cer tificate

• Easy installation (and transpor tation) thanks to new compact design

• 4 coverage radii (depending on ∆t emission times: 15 µs, 30 µs, 45 µs, 60 µs)

• Radius of protection of over 100 m

• Testable on-site with the Cirprotec LR tester

• On-line calculation and maintenance soft ware


Discover the range Nimbus® 

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