G-CHECK is the series of devices for continuous monitoring of grounding system installations in DIN rail format for panel installations. Complies with standard IEC 61010-I.

  • Continuously monitoring the state of the ground connection with G-CHECK:
    - Ensures proper operation of surge protection devices, discharging energy through the facility ground.
    - Ensures the protection of personnel against indirect contacts.
    - Reduces cost of preventative maintenance.
  • By the method of calculating the loop resistance, G-CHECK checks the impedance of the actual path of an indirect contact leakage, for detecting the following possible incidents, both within the installation and in the transformation centre to which it is connected:
    - Deterioration of the ground connection due to aging of the earth rods, theft of the cables or increasing soil resistivity in dry seasons.
    - Breakage or bad connection of the neutral wire.
  • The measurement system based on the earth leakage current loop resistance can be applied to the various grounding system arrangements: TT, TNS and TNC-S.
  • For nominal voltage ratings. Un : 230 and 120 V.
  • Installed in the panel, by connecting it directly to ground and setting the loop resistance thresholds.
  • Includes alarm function based on the value of ground (PE). Activates the output if it detects a value (shown on the display) exceeding a maximum preset by the user.
  • SPD + GND. Ensure that the grounding used as a discharge path by surge protectors is in good condition.
  • Know more about this range:
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Calculating ...


No. DIN rail modules




Max. measurement value

G-CHECK 120V 2 120 [V] 70 [VA] Adjustable 500 [Ω] See
G-CHECK 230V 2 230 [V] 70 [VA] Adjustable 500 [Ω] See