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Earthing system clamps

Clamp to fix the down conductor with the earthing system.

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Diámetro máx.cable

Diámetro mín cable

Max. flat tape width

Min. flat tape width

Max. earth rod diameter

CONEXION PARA PATA DE GANSO Stainless steel 30 [mm] 25 [mm] See
GRAPA Br JAB (PLETINA 30MM) Brass 30 [mm] 25 [mm] 20 [mm] See
GRAPA-AB INOX D-14/18 Stainless steel 10 [mm] 8 [mm] 18 [mm] See
GRAPA-AB La D-14/18 Brass 10 [mm] 8 [mm] 18 [mm] See
GRAPA-AB La /JAB Brass 10 [mm] 8 [mm] 18 [mm] See