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Free standing pylons

Support pole for lightning rod elevation over terrain level (up to 25m), with fixation bolts for foundation.

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Product height

Ø máx mástil

No. parts

POSTE FIJ FeCG 20M Galvanized steel 20000 [mm] 350 [mm] 2 segments See
POSTE FIJ FeCG 25M Galvanized steel 25000 [mm] 474 [mm] 2 segments See
POSTE FIJ-ESPAR 10M Galvanized steel 10000 [mm] 196 [mm] 1/2 segments See
POSTE FIJ-ESPAR 12M Galvanized steel 12000 [mm] 220 [mm] 1/2 segment See
POSTE FIJ-ESPAR 15M Galvanized steel 15000 [mm] 282 [mm] 2 segments See
POSTE FIJ-ESPAR 6M Galvanized steel 6000 [mm] 132 [mm] 1 segment See
POSTE FIJ-ESPAR 8M Galvanized steel 8000 [mm] 172 [mm] 1 segment See