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Down conductor system clamps

Clamp to fix the conductor with the down conductor system.

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Down-conductor system

Diámetro máx.cable

Diámetro mín cable

Max. flat tape width

Min. flat tape width

CONEC-KS 1S FeCG / Al Steel galvanized - aluminum Cable conductor 8 [mm] 10 [mm] See
GRAPA LIGERA PLETINA Galvanized steel Flat tape 30 [mm] 25 [mm] See
SOP-CABLE Br M8 TIRAF 50/70 Brass Cable conductor 10 [mm] 8 [mm] See
SOP-COND D-8/10 TF MET FeCG Stainless steel Cable conductor 10 [mm] 8 [mm] See
SOP-COND TF NYLON D8MM Nylon Cable conductor 8 [mm] 8 [mm] See